Little Love Notes #3

I love my sensitivity.

Growing up, I was often chided for being too sensitive. But in recent years, I have come to not only accept my sensitivity, but to appreciate it and even celebrate it.

My sensitivity presents itself in many ways.

My physical senses are quite strong. I could work for the perfume companies, I think, with my strong sense of smell. It can get in the way at time. For example, I can’t bear even a hint of spice in food, because it overpowers me. But I also greatly enjoy the variety flavors in the foods that I do like to eat.

I cry easily. Weddings – forget it. Doesn’t even matter if I really know the bride or groom 🙂 TV shows, movies, even Hallmark ads (you know, the long ones they put on during the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies) – they can all do me in. In fact, when my mom and I get weepy about these things, we created the term “Hallmarking” for it. “I was Hallmarking all over the place,” I’ll say to her 🙂 But then, I rather enjoy a good cry now and then!

I have recently become more sensitive about my body. I notice things more. I pay attention to its messages (hence my love of Louise Hay’s work). I have always had a high tolerance for pain, and yet I am increasingly sensitive. I had to have a root canal last week. The procedure was fine enough, but the recovery was long and painful. At first, I felt like a baby for complaining so much. But later, my dentist told me it can heal in a matter of days or may take more than a month! So I felt a bit vindicated. But then I realized it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. The plain fact is, I was in pain. Perhaps I felt it more because I am more sensitive to my body these days. I don’t think that is a particularly bad thing.

And so, I embrace my sensitivity and celebrate it as one of my finest qualities!