Now? Or Later?

Recently I was looking for new strategies to organize my house. It still hasn’t happened, but I found a strategy that works for holding off food cravings, too!

I wish I could remember where I read this one. If I find it, I’ll come back and link it up! The idea was this: when you walk by clutter in your house, you ask yourself, “Take care of this now, or deal with it later.” Usually, it’s pretty easy to take care of it right in that moment. And then you have less clutter to deal with later.

When it comes to food, it works the other way around.

When I find myself having a craving, I stop and ask myself, “Do I want this now … or do I want to enjoy a thinner body later?” It’s nothing revolutionary, but having this little phrase is proving helpful.

I’ve shortened it to something of a little mantra: “Now? Or later?”

It doesn’t mean that I always skip the snack. Sometimes I do choose “now”. But it reminds me of my goal and the bigger picture.