Day 5 of 365

Today is Day 5 of Stephanie Bennett Vogt’s online class, A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back from Daily OM. Yesterday, there was a great video about how to get out of the rut of feeling overwhelmed. Part of the answer is to do one thing for one minute every day, particularly clearing some physical clutter, such as your desk. Well, it’s not just my desk that is covered in stuff, so that I can hardly see it. It’s every square inch of my entire office. I barely have a path to get in and out. It makes me want to hyperventilate just thinking about it. And going in there … well, I only do that when I absolutely have to.

So today, I set my timer on my phone for one minute and headed in. Let me tell you, 60 seconds is almost nothing! It went by so fast! I hardly had time to do anything. And yet, I did. I got a few things put away. And after the timer went off, I saw a few more things that I could quickly do. Still, I probably was only in there for a total of 2 minutes. And then I walked back out again.

Guess what? I can do that. I can even do that every day. I’m sure of it.

And better still? It already feels great!