Talking to Your Kids about Weight

I stumbled on to this article in Cooking Light about talking to your kids about weight.

Know what the experts say? DON’T!! Seriously. It’s a quick article to read through, but such profound advice.

Instead, they advise talking positively about eating healthy foods for strong bones and muscles.

I have also enjoyed the book Child of Mine by Ellyn Satter. She advises a division of responsibility when feeding your kids. It’s the job of the parents to decide what to eat, when to eat it, and where to eat it. It’s the job of the child to decide whether or not s/he eats it and how much (with the exception of high sugar foods). It’s made a world of difference to me since having my kids. I wondered how on earth I could feed them with a healthy sense of body image, when I’d struggled so much with the issue throughout my own life. The division of responsibility took the pressure off of me. I actually trust my children to eat. Even though they are picky eaters (but hey, so are my husband and I!), they are strong, healthy children.


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