The Body

I love that my body has remained neutral through every step. It never sought revenge for all the negative abuse I gave it. All those awful words and feelings I threw at it throughout the years. The weight may have piled on, but still my body continued to work for me. It moved and healed and did all I asked of it.

When I was ready to be kind, to appreciate it for the extraordinary thing that it is, it was ready to respond. I think perhaps it was eager  –  chomping at the bit  –  so ready to get going!! The results came quickly and continued. Even as I had my doubts and slips back into old habits throughout the year, it kept on going.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much your body does? In every moment of every day, it is accomplishing all kinds of feats from behind the scenes. Inside us, there is a veritable symphony of workings going on. Do you ever stop to thank your body for all the things it does without ever being asked?

I never did. Until I became pregnant. During my two pregnancies, my perspective on my body shifted drastically.

The first thing that happened was that I no longer hated my belly. I always carried my weight in my stomach. How many times I would try on clothes and think, “Nope. Can’t buy that. It makes me look pregnant.” But, ta-dah! I actually was pregnant. My body was supposed to look like that! For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful from head to toe. It was thrilling!

So with my first pregnancy, I began to really appreciate my body from the outside. With my second pregnancy, I turned inward. I began to have a stronger awareness of all those wondrous things the body just does. All on its own. It just knows what to do. A life was growing inside of me. My body grew a whole new organ to support that little life. It’s extraordinary when you really stop to think about it.

So if my body could do all that, surely it could change on a cellular level. I could retrain it to slim down.

For me, losing weight was not just about food. It wasn’t about calories in and out. It wasn’t about exercise. Yes, all of those things were a part of it, but it has been vastly bigger than all that. First, I needed to change how I thought about my body. I needed to appreciate it. I needed to be grateful for it. And I needed to be kind to it.


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