Turn on Your Light

Every Tuesday, I go to yoga. I began over five years ago when I was still a graduate student. I figured it would be good for my sore neck and back that I had from all that reading and writing. I had no idea that it would set me on a new path to quite literally change my life.

I love my yoga studio. It’s so much more than just poses. There I have also learned so much about the various practices and ideologies behind yoga. Each hour-and-a-half class begins with a short lecture. The lectures are usually grouped into 8-week topics. Topics include different kinds of yoga, the chakras, health & nutrition, etc. Today was a “freebie,” as we are between 8-week sessions. So my yoga teacher decided to talk about LIGHT.

It was a perfect topic. I just did a healing session that focused on restoration and repair – in a sense, a kind of LIGHT cleansing. Somehow, the topic of LIGHT just keeps coming up for me! So as I engaged in my poses, I was reminded by my instructor to continue to let the light in – and to let my own light shine. Keep your eyes open and let in the light. Or close your eyes and visualize the golden warmth shimmering around you. Get into your Radiant Warrior pose and soak in all that beautiful light. During relaxation, I used an eye pillow. When I removed it to sit up, the light flooded in right through my closed eyes.

But what does all this mean? For me, it means focusing on my true self. Being authentic. It means appreciating myself for all that I am and all that I have to give. Too often we sell ourselves short. We feel unworthy. But that is simply not the case! We are all beautiful creatures of this earth who have our lights to shine on others. And we deserve to have that light shining back on ourselves, too. Feel proud. Lift your face to the sun and feel its warmth and light as it energizes you and inspires you to stand tall.

Part of experiencing this light is also experiencing gratitude. More and more, I am so grateful for the life I have and the body I inhabit. And the more grateful I feel, the more wonderful it all seems to get.


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